Modular Laravel

Modular Laravel with Laravel-Modules and Laravel-Multimix

An awesome way to have separate concerns on backend and frontend.

Any doubt, issue, typo, error, please let me know!

Basically, on the server-side it's a Laravel application.On the same project, with Laravel Mix ,the packages and tools mentioned below, we get independent areas (both back and frontend):

The Frontoffice Module (where you are right now) built with TailwindCSS and VueJS
built with ❤️, Laravel and Laravel Mix
deployed with ☕️, and Forge

So I put together 2 packages, customized both implementations, and got this result. I hope you see value in it, and it helps you out!! You've got to go through the source code. If you have interest in the topic, you will know your way around!

Thank you so much to all the creators and amazing community members, that make this journey so awesome!!

João Patrício

Happy coding!